Exchange Programs in English (HUSTEP)

The Hokkaido University Short-Term Exchange Program (HUSTEP) is a ‘junior year abroad’ type program designed to provide undergraduate students from affiliated universities with the opportunity to study in Japan at Hokkaido University. Participants in this program take a wide variety of classes offered in English in HUSTEP’s two core divisions: Culture and Society, and Science, Technology, and Environment. Students also have the chance to study the Japanese language. In addition, some participants can pursue independent research under the guidance of a faculty member. There will also be opportunities to take part in numerous traditional and contemporary Japanese cultural activities. Finally, students admitted to the program are eligible to apply for a scholarship.

HUSTEP provides a safe and caring environment in which to carry out your academic studies and broaden your horizons. Participating in HUSTEP will help prepare you for the future and will provide you with knowledge and experiences that will last a lifetime. In addition, it is a wonderful opportunity to meet and make friends with many Japanese people and international students from all around the world who come to study at Hokkaido University. We would like to invite motivated university students from ALL disciplines to participate in HUSTEP.

The application form for HUSTEP’s 2022 spring program is now available!

HUSTEP 2021–2022 Brochure link

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply for HUSTEP, students must:

  1. Be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate degree program at an overseas university that has concluded a student exchange agreement with Hokkaido University.
  2. Be enrolled and pay tuition fees at their home university as a full-time student during the entire period of study in Japan.
  3. Have completed at least two years of undergraduate study at their own university prior to arrival in Japan.
  4. Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale, or equivalent.
  5. Be proficient in English. Non-native English speakers must have a score of at least TOEFL iBT 79 or IELTS 6.5.
  6. Be able to arrive by late September or first week of April.

Number of Students Accepted:

Approximately 50 students for each course.

Please note:

There is a screening process and NOT all students who apply will be accepted. Japanese language ability is not required to participate in HUSTEP. Those students whose main focus is studying Japanese language and are majoring in Japanese Studies should consider applying to the Japanese Language and Cultural Studies Program (JLCSP) instead of HUSTEP.

There are a limited number of scholarships available so most students will have to cover their own costs. Although the cost of living in Japan varies for each individual, it will cost about 100,000 yen per month. Thus, students should have enough money saved up to pay for one year of living costs or make other financial arrangements before coming to Japan. Students should be clear that HUSTEP is strictly a study program.

Even if students receive a scholarship, the first payment will be made one month after arrival. Students must bring money to pay for their dormitory fee and living costs for their first month.

Students interested in HUSTEP should first consult with an academic advisor at their home institution. On approval by the advisor, applicants may obtain the necessary forms from the International Office (or its equivalent) at their home institution, complete the forms, and submit them to Hokkaido University through the home institution’s International Office. Do not send applications directly to Hokkaido University.

For more information, please read the Guidelines for Applying to HUSTEP


Information for the Student Exchange Coordinator at the student’s home university:

Please download the following HUSTEP application form and other required documents:

  1. Cover Page HUSTEP 2022 spring Application Form (PDF)
  2. HUSTEP Application Form 2022 spring (PDF or Excel)
  3. Recommendation Letter (PDF)
  4. Certificate of Health (PDF)
  5. Certificate of Enrollment (PDF)
  6. Content to Transfer and Process Personal Data (For EEA students only) (PDF)
    NOTICE: Based on GDPR, students from EU and EEA countries need to submit the “Consent to Transfer and Process Personal Data” form with the other application materials.
    Guidelines for Handling Your Personal Data

Please give these forms to students who want to apply for HUSTEP. After students complete this form and submit the other required documents, please send the complete student application package to the following address:

Division of International Students

International Affairs Department

Hokkaido University

Kita 15, Nishi 8, Kita-ku,

Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan


Please email the entire application as a PDF to before sending the hard copy.

JASSO Scholarship:
To assist international exchange students, the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) offers the following scholarship to a limited number of students. The Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for Short-Term Study in Japan) includes a monthly stipend as follows:
¥80,000 per month for five or eleven months. Applicants who may have difficulty covering the costs of their studies in Japan are encouraged to apply.


  1. Applicants must, upon completion of the term of exchange, return to their home institutions to resume their studies or to be awarded their degrees.
  2. Applicants must not be recipients of scholarship awards from other organizations if the combined value of these additional scholarships exceeds ¥80,000 per month.
  3.  Applicants must be in Japan during exchange period to receive the scholarship.

*Please note that many students will be unable to receive the scholarship when there will be a large number of outstanding JASSO applicants.

The impact of COVID-19 outbreak on HUSTEP Spring 2022

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation is still unpredictable in Japan. The Japanese government has currently suspended entry of international students, so no HUSTEP students are allowed to enter Japan at present as the entry ban still remains in place. In addition, we have no information as to when the border will reopen. Although we are planning to hold HUSTEP Spring 2022 as scheduled, online options for courses will be provided to HUSTEP students unable to enter Japan due to border restrictions. Thus, please participate in the program by taking courses online until the border reopens.

Updated on   September 09, 2021