Student Voices

These five students started the Japanese Language and Cultural Studies Program in October 2017. Find out what they have to say.

Kajiwara Caio (Brazil)

Being part of the 2017-2018 JLCS program was definitely the greatest experience I could ever have had as a Japanese language/culture student.

I believe that only in a campus so blessed with rich nature like Hokudai’s, can you feel the turning of the seasons in such a clear way. Going to classes every day and having the chance to admire that view was my daily pleasure.

Also, in this wonderful place, I was able to become friends with students from all over the world, each one with a different background. Together, during the program, we could learn more about each other’s culture, while making many precious memories that we will never forget.

At my home country I may never be able to study several of the things I learned here. With the help of the always supportive teaching staff I was able to improve my Japanese while discovering many interesting facts about Japanese and Hokkaido culture.

For those who want not just to learn Japanese, but to expand your global perspective as well, I strongly recommend Hokkaido University!!

 Sarilgan Nazli Deniz (Turkey)


I came to Hokkaido University in September 2017 on a one-year program as a JLCS student. The reason I chose Hokkaido University was to study in the same school with my friend. This year was so much fun.

Hokkaido’s winter is really cold compared to the main part of Japan, but summer isn’t that hot and is comfortable. When it first snowed in November I was really surprised.

In Hokkaido University’s JLCS program, there are many classes for both culture and Japanese studies. You can study about various things.

The campus is also good. Hokkaido University is very wide and green. It is so pretty that tourists come to visit it.

There are many club activities too. You can join them in your spare time and experience different things.

I won’t ever forget this year. I am glad I picked Hokkaido University.

Aly Aulia Fatha (Indonesia)

Studying in Hokkaido University for about 1 year is the best experience I’ve ever had in my life.

Just before I went to Sapporo, I felt a little bit worried about the climate, but for me, Hokkaido is the best place to study.

Even inside the campus you can feel Hokkaido’s best seasons. Hokkaido, which is known as “Yukiguni,” is covered in snow from September to March, makes living in Sapporo truly magical. And, having a unique culture that you can’t find in other parts of Japan is one of charm point about studying in Hokkaido University.

Hoang Thi Thuy Linh (Vietnam)

 I heard that the cold would help us concentrate, also that the scenery at Hokkaido University is incredibly beautiful throughout the year, so I chose to take the Japanese Language and Culture Studies Program at Hokkaido University.

Every class I attended at Hokkaido University encouraged me to have a multifaceted perspective, my Japanese skills also improved a lot, so I found Hokkaido University a suitable place for me. I think that the study environment at Hokkaido University is perfect for any student who loves and desires to study Japanese and Japanese culture. The teachers, with all of their enthusiasm and appropriate teaching methods, have given us so many meaningful lessons. Moreover, in our classes, students from different cultures gathered around and usually interacted with each other. Also, in multicultural classes, conversations between Japanese students and international students were extremely interesting.

A year has gone by. I’ve been able to complement what I had already learned, gain analytical skills and the skill to explain in Japanese as well. It has been a great honor for me to study at Hokkaido University and I’m very grateful to be a part of this wonderful place.

Xu Lanqing (China) 

When I picture Hokkaido, the idea of frontiers, of far-off reaches, is the strongest impression I get. When I first saw photographs of Hokkaido University’s campus, I fell in love with it at first sight. The fact that I have now spent a fruitful year studying here makes me extremely happy.

Just by being here, I have learnt so much. Just by being in Japan, I have come to learn about this country as there are lots of opportunities to interact with native speakers, so I feel I make a little more progress every single day.

Here, I study with students from all over the world, and from that, I have come to better understand not only Japanese culture, but also those other countries.

It is a stroke of luck that I have been able to study here and experience many things that I could only experience now. Thanks to this, I feel I have more connections with the world at large.

Let’s all be ambitious and come to Hokkaido University to better ourselves!

Ngamjunyaporn Sasipaphat (Thailand)

1 year in Hokudai passed in the blink of an eye. Every day, I was surrounded by beautiful nature, enjoying all four seasons in Hokkaido. I have gained confidence in speaking Japanese though classes, assignments, group work, and moved up another level in my Japanese abilities.

Not only have I acquired knowledge of Japanese, I also made friends from many different countries and enjoyed every day. I communicated with everyone in Japanese regardless of their nationality. We talked about our different cultures and came to understand each other.

My year studying at Hokudai is an extremely valuable experience for me.

Updated on   December 03, 2018