Graduate School of Economics and Business

The mission of the Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration is to develop world-class scholars of economics and business administration and to nurture talented business professionals with extensive knowledge in economics and business administration as well as in closely related sciences. The school offers curricula that meet the needs of highly motivated students.

In order to gain entry into a Master’s or Doctoral Program, applicants must:
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and have completed at least 16 years of education.


Find a Supervisor

Graduate and research students conduct research under the guidance of a supervisor. To enter Hokkaido University as a research or graduate student, you need to find a faculty member who is willing to give you instruction on your research. Find a prospective supervisor from our website:

Apply to the Graduate School

Check how to apply on the website of the graduate school you wish to enter.
Applicants must pay the examination fee at the time of application.

Take the entrance examination

Screening procedures for research students are conducted on the basis of documentation submitted whilst screening procedures for graduate level students differ between each school. Please check the website of the school you wish to enter. In the event that you are required to come to Japan for the entrance examination, you will need to obtain a temporary stay visa at your local
Japanese Embassy.

Commence enrolment procedures

After passing the screening process, you will be required to submit necessary documentation, pay the entrance fee, and complete other necessary procedures to become enrolled. Once you are issued with a Letter of Acceptance from Hokkaido University, you can apply for a student visa at your local Japanese Embassy.

Tuition Fee ¥535,800 / $5,880 (per year)
Entrance Fee ¥282,000 / $3,100
Examination Fee ¥30,000 / $330

Grad. School of Economics and Business Administration


Semester Commencement April √ October* √ April √ October x
*Allowed, but only under special circumstances.

Modern Economics and Management Economic Analysis, Social and Historical Economics, Economic Policy, Management Analysis
Accounting Accounting

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Updated on   October 24, 2018