Modern Japanese Studies Program (MJSP)

Bilingual Bachelor’s Degree Program





Program Details

The Modern Japanese Studies Program (MJSP) is a four-year Bachelor’s Degree program, which is preceded by a six-month Intensive Japanese Course for those without sufficient Japanese to enter the Bachelor’s Degree program directly. MJSP gives a comprehensive education in the language and society of Japan. The program has four main characteristics:

  • Intensive study of the Japanese language – you should be fluent on graduation;
  • The study of Japan in four main academic disciplines – history, cultural studies, sociology and political economy;
  • Co-learning with Japanese students – you will take a lot of classes with your Japanese peers; and
  • A curriculum that allows you to discover your Japan from the unique and multicultural vantage point of Japan’s northernmost island.

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The MJSP website is here. Please read it carefully for all details about the program. 

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Updated on   April 24, 2019