Research Awards: Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences

Research Awards | July 23, 2014

 7th National Maritime Award
Recipient: Yasunori Sakurai, Specially Appointed Professor, Marine Bioresource Science Laboratory, Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences

July 18, 2014

Research Theme / Background:

The National Maritime Awards ceremony honors academic research and industrial progress related to the oceans. Specially Appointed Professor Yasunori Sakurai was awarded in the Natural Environment Conservation sector of the Special Contribution to Marine-Based Development of Japan category.


Summary of main achievements & contributions:

Provision of technical advice to the public concerning conservation of marine biodiversity

1. During his long career as an expert on marine ecology and higher-order animal ecology, he has in particular spearheaded research into the ecology and stock fluctuation mechanisms of squids, and has provided valuable suggestions in the field of resource management, for example by introducing the concept of regime shift to Japan at an early stage.

2. As a member of the Shiretoko WNH Site Scientific Council, he contributed greatly to the successful registration of the site, for example by liaising with the IUCN for their investigation.

3. He played a central role in drawing up the Multiple Use Integrated Marine Management Plan for Shiretoko World Natural Heritage Site, which has received wide coverage around the world as a model for voluntary controls by fishermen. He played a central role in gaining the agreement of the fishermen and many other stakeholders, and has provided valuable suggestions from a perspective that links the fishing industry and marine ecology.

4. He was appointed a temporary member of the Central Environment Council where he served on the Natural Environment and Wildlife subcommittees, making such contributions to the administration of the natural environment as revisions to the Natural Park Law regarding the enhancement of maritime conservation, and revisions to the national biodiversity strategy. In addition, he has provided valuable advice for many Ministry of the Environment projects, for example in connection with the formulation of strategies to protect marine biodiversity and the sampling of maritime areas that are important for the protection of Japan’s marine biodiversity.

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