2015 Outdoor Pool Opening

University News | June 23, 2015

Pool Use Information (for HU students and staff)
Season: June 29 –Sept. 18, 2015

Hours of Operation:

Please see the attachment for detailed opening hours.

・Closed Tues. & Wednesdays in June and July; and Sat., Sun., holidays, and during University athletic meets

・Unscheduled closed days will be announced separately.

 Pool Specs:

・ 25m competition pool , 7 lanes

・locker rooms, showers, toilets, supplementary heaters

Please Note:

1. General Rules

1) No shoes to be worn in the building. Leave your shoes in the entrance area.
2) Lockers use a 100 yen coin—refunded upon end of use.
3) Exclusive use of lockers is not permitted
4) Wear a bathing suit, and swim cap. Remove hair pins and necklaces before entering the pool.
5) Sun tanning oil and sunscreen are not allowed. Do not wear makeup in the pool.
6) To prevent possible breakage of eyewear, please do not bring these type of items to the pool area.
7) Persons receiving medical treatment for ear / nose / throat ailments, infectious diseases, dermatological ailments, or persons who were told by their doctor not to swim may not use the pool.
8) Before entering the pool, shower in the shower corner.
9) Allow yourself enough time so that you can leave within opening hours.
10) No smoking or eating in the pool area. Do not engage in activities that will disturb other users.
11) Persons under the influence of alcohol are not permitted to use the pool.
12) If anything is unclear, ask the life guard on duty.

2. Inside the Pool Rules

1) Stretch before entering and leaving the pool.
2) Jumping and diving into the pool are not permitted.
3) Do not hang on to the lane ropes.
4) Swim counter clock-wise on the right side of the lane.
5) Return the kick boards to the shelf after use.
6) Swim goggle use is permitted.
7) Do not use the life-saving equipment unless there is an emergency.
8) Do not open/close the windows in the pool area.
9) Be aware of your own body’s condition when the pool temperature is low. Or, if you are not feeling well, or are injured, tell the lifeguard on duty.
10) You are responsible for yourself. HU will not take responsibility in the case of an accident.

Extracurricular Activities and Services Support Section, Student Support Division, Office of Academic Affairs

TEL: 011-706-7533