Transferable Skills Seminar – PhD Career in Japan –

Event | February 29, 2016

Finished Feb 29 2016


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This transferable skills seminar is targeted for international researchers (DC, PD).

Seminar will be conducted in English.

CEO and Founder of Active Connector Inc. will give us insight into non-academic career in Japan and advise you on your next move.

【General Background】
・ Plus and Minus of working in Japan
・ Types of companies: size, industry, occupation, venture vs traditional, Japanese companies vs foreign companies
・ Japanese requirements

【About your career plan】
・ What is your life/career plan?
・ How to identify your strengths, – Expand your horizon – recognition of your transferable skills

【Action plan】
・ How to find the companies
・ Typical recruiting process for regular hiring
・ Recommended job hunting schedule

■ Lecturer

Ms. Asami Matsumoto

CEO/Founder of Active Connector Inc.
Active Connector is committed to creating meaningful career opportunities for international students in Japan. Their vision is to create a community in which everyone can enjoy working and living in a transcultural environment.

■ Place

Centennial Hall 1st Floor Conference Room

■ Seminar date

2/29/2016 (Mon) 15:30-17:00

■ Eligible

Hokkaido University doctoral course students and postdocs whose native language is NOT Japanese

■ Max participants


■ Application Deadline

2/28/2016 23:00

■ How to register

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