The PR video released! –International Graduate Program (IGP) on Graduate School of Life Science

University News | April 19, 2016

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International Graduate Program (IGP)

Graduate School of Life Science, Hokkaido University has started a new international graduate program “Training Program for Global Leaders in Life Sciences (IGP)” since 2013.

With an aim to form an education and research center for life sciences at world’s highest level, based on the networks and contacts among top-level universities mainly in the Asian region, it recruits excellent international students interested in life sciences. Both Japanese and international students study under the same curriculum to become leaders with a global perspective. From enrollment to graduation, English is the main language.

Eligible students for this program are limited to those who hope to study at Transdisciplinary Life Science Course and Biosystems Science Course, Graduate School of Life Science, Hokkaido University.

  • Laboratories in the Program

— Transdisciplinary Life Science Course

— Biosystems Science Course