A Japan-China Cooperative Nanotechnology Study: Well-Defined Silver Nanoplates Using Simple Laser Irradiation

Research Press Release | June 30, 2014

  • Fig. 1 Formation of a Silver Nanoplate
    Fig. 1 Formation of a Silver Nanoplate
  • Fig. 2 Electronic Microscope Image of the Silver Nanoplates
    Fig. 2 Electronic Microscope Image of the Silver Nanoplates
Press Release
Key Points * Results of a Japan-China cooperative nanotechnology study.

* Successful synthesis of oriented silver nanoplates controlled with simple laser irradiation.

Overview Hokkaido University Research Institute for Electronic Science is promoting internationalization through cooperative research with leading universities and research institutes throughout the world. In the 2013 academic year, the Institute signed a comprehensive cooperative agreement for nanotechnology research with three Chinese universities and research institutes. Work is underway in a networked joint research format.

A research group at the Institute led by Professor Hiroaki Misawa and Associate Professor Kosei Ueno, in conjunction with Professor Hong-Bo Sun of Jilin University in China, have succeeded in fabricating oriented silver nanoplates using simple laser irradiation. These structures are expected to prove important in areas such as 3D micro wiring for increased LSI densities, and manufacturing technologies for metamaterials.


Hiroaki Misawa, Professor, Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University

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Publications  ACS Nano (2014.6.4)