Research Awards: Hokkaido University Museum

Research Awards | May 31, 2014

Japan Museum Management Academy: 15th JMMA Award
Recipient: Makiko Yuasa, Associate Professor, Hokkaido University Museum

May 31, 2014

Research Theme / Background:

Associate Professor Yuasa is involved in museum education and media research, and was awarded ‘For her initiative in research connected with museum management. Her ongoing efforts, her progressive perspective, and high level of scholarship are highly regarded for their immense contribution not only to this society but also to advances in museum management research’.

Associate Professor Yuasa has taken as her research theme ‘museums in the memory’ and is engaged in research that assesses over the long-term the impact that personal experiences in museums have on people. In addition to investigating museum experiences that stick in people’s memories and clarifying the various meanings of experiences that go beyond educational effects in terms of cognition, she is researching methods to develop museum activities that will those memories on to later generations. Her research is also intended to verify the significance of museum activities and lead to suggestions for activities that leverage museum resources.

She is conducting joint research with cognitive psychologist Hiroyuki Shimizu (Kobe Gakuin University) and Professor David Anderson (The University of British Columbia), a researcher of museum education and science education, for which they are receiving grants-in-aid for scientific research from both Japan and Canada.

Associate Professor Yuasa said, ‘Encouraged by this award, I intend to continue with my empirical research in collaboration with people involved with various museums and science museums, and to do my very best in my educational and research work at The Hokkaido University Museum’.

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