A Hundred Scenes of Hokkaido University

Event | November 05, 2019

Finished Nov 05 2019 ~ Nov 30 2019

A photography exhibition titled “A Hundred Scenes of Hokkaido University” will be held at the main Hokkaido University Co-op building just south of Central Lawn from November 5th to the 30th.

The exhibition showcases photographs submitted to the Co-op’s annual photo contest. The theme this year is “A Rainbow of Aspirations.” 

The award-winning photos as well as other entries will be on display on the 1st and 2nd floors.  We hope you all enjoy the many beautiful sights of Hokkaido University as captured by our students, faculty, and staff. 

Here is a sneak-peak of the kinds of scenery on display:

Best Photo Award

Title: Gingko Lane after the rain

Photographer: Anqi Hu, Graduate School of Life Science

Comment by the photographer: Gingko Lane’s golden leaves are reflected off the water, making it an even more beautiful sight!

Student Committee Choice

Title: Snow in the morning

Photographer: Tsuyoshi Okumura, Graduate School of Advanced Life Science

Comment by the photographer: The cold morning commutes to campus during the winter can be depressing. But the other night the snow built up looked so lovely that I took a photo.

Graduate Student Committee Choice

Title: Grazing lands

Photographer: Ikeda Fumihito, School of Science

Comment by the photographer: I took this shot of the School of Agriculture’s pastures looking at a curb-side mirror next to Poplar Lane.

Hokkaido University Faculty and Staff Photo Club Choice

Title: Farm twilight

Photographer: Masahiro Fujiwara, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

Comment by the photographer: I have always loved this spot since entering the university and getting my Master’s degree. I come here time and time again and finally was able to take this photo.

Faculty and Staff Committee Choice

Title: Ivy art

Photographer: Junko Nio-Kobayashi, Graduate School of Medicine

Comment by the photographer: Outside of the School of Medicine’s library, October 2018

Board of Directors Choice

Title: A peaceful night

Photographer: Yuanlin Li, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

Comment by the photographer: The streaming clouds were warmly colored by the town under it. Here, at the farmland at Hokkaido University, you can barely perceive any sound. All you can appreciate is the peaceful night.