Call for the “Career Plans Survey” for International Students by I-HoP

University News | July 06, 2016

I-HoP (Hokudai International Human Resource Development Program) is conducting a web-based Career Plan Survey 2016 for all the international students and scholars from abroad (master course, doctor course and post-doctoral researchers).

The survey is essential for planning and fine-tuning career support programs such as “Career Counseling in English”, “Japanese e-learning support”, “Transferable Skills Seminar” or “PhD Lunch Talk” which I-HoP is providing.

Career Survey 2016 jul

(click to get the PDF)

You can access here from your smartphone or PC to answer.
Thank you for your participation in advance.


I-HoP (Hokudai International Human Resource Development Program), Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development, Hokkaido University