Research Press Release

Research Press Release | December 13, 2013
Identification of a key molecule linked to side effects of anti-cancer drugs and resistance to treatment
Research Press Release | December 12, 2013
Woodland expansion: Changes in riverine landscapes after dam construction: Long-term decreases in bird species nesting on gravel bars were predicted
Research Press Release | December 10, 2013
Elucidation of the mechanism by which exogenous substances are internalized into cells: Prospects for the prevention of influenza virus infection
Research Press Release | December 05, 2013
Successful generation of comprehensive gene catalogs for three termite species
Research Press Release | November 29, 2013
Carbon emissions of tropical peatland measured for the first time: Scientific proof of emission control can assist international agreement
Research Press Release | November 05, 2013
First record of a dinosaur nesting colony from Mongolia reveals nesting behavior of therizinosauroids
Research Press Release | October 31, 2013
Temporal measurement: discovery of cerebellar neurons that feel rhythm
Research Press Release | October 29, 2013
Embryo planets are porous: Elucidating the secrets of how planetesimals form from dust
Research Press Release | October 29, 2013
Joint Research Paper by Members of the Photon-positron Research Hub, Fusional Research and Dept. of Neurosurgery of HU Hospital is Published in “Stroke”
Research Press Release | October 25, 2013
Structural analysis of immune cell receptors for an adjuvant that improves the effectiveness of vaccines