Research News

Research Press Release | January 25, 2022
Amber fossil reveals new clues about ancient cockroach ecology
Research Press Release | January 24, 2022
Clearer distinction needed between GMOs and Genome-Edited Organisms
Research Press Release | January 18, 2022
Blue LEDs light the way toward sustainable development
Research Highlight | January 17, 2022
Spotlight on Research: What is seen and what is not in copy paper industry?
Research Press Release | January 12, 2022
Predator species help to buffer climate change impacts on biodiversity
Research Highlight | December 24, 2021
Tackling environmental pollution with interdisciplinary research
Research Highlight | December 23, 2021
Two Ig Nobel laureates discuss “Research that makes people laugh and then think”
Research Press Release | December 22, 2021
Melting of the Antarctic ice sheet could cause multi-meter rise in sea levels by the end of the millennium
Research Press Release | December 07, 2021
Revealed: How SARS-CoV-2 evades our immune system
Research Highlight | December 07, 2021
A new wave of sustainable Hokkaido wines