Check out the 2017 Historic Heritage Visitor Guide and Map

University News | July 27, 2017

Hokkaido University has 13 heritage buildings located on campus in addition to its Archaeological Heritage Park, a place conserving remains excavated on the campus, and Campus Archaeology Trail Signs installed at 17 exemplary excavation sites to provide explanations for each site.

The “2017 Historic Heritage Visitor Guide and Map” was created so that visitors can explore, enjoy and experience the university’s history and heritage.  

You can download the guide by clicking on the links below:

 – English

 – Japanese

The map is distributed at the following locations:

 1. Hokkaido University Museum

 2. Hokkaido University Archives

 3. Hokkaido University Archaeological Research Center

 4. The Second Farm (Model Barn)

 5. Hokkaido University Botanic Garden

 6. Hokkaido University Information Center