Chungbuk National University President Yun Yeo-Pyo awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree from Hokkaido University

University News | July 11, 2018

President Yun (left) and President Nawa (right) display President Yun’s Honorary Doctorate Degree from Hokkaido University.

President Yun-Yeo Pyo of South Korea’s Chungbuk National University was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Hokkadio University President Toyohira Nawa in an official ceremony on July 5th, 2018. The ceremony was held in the Faculty of Engineering Building on the main Sapporo Campus of Hokkaido University, and was attended by university officials, staff, students, and a delegation from South Korea.

President Yun delivering his lecture “Dreaming of an Orchestra Maestro” following the award ceremony.

Dr. Yun received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Seoul National University in 1986, and since then has gone on to create 23 patents and be involved in the publication of 165 academic papers and 12 books. He was also awarded the Order Service of Merit – Yellow Stripes from the Republic of Korea in 2012, and has been the President of Chungbuk National University since 2014. He spoke of his life, thoughts on communication and coexistence, and achievements as a part of the Chungbuk National University community in a lecture following the award ceremony, titled “Dreaming of an Orchestra Maestro.” He also expressed his gratitude to Hokkaido University, as well as his desire that the two academic institutions continue to develop their international relationship.

Chungbuk National University, located in North Chungcheong Province, has been ranked number one out of Korea’s Flagship National Universities in student satisfaction for four consecutive years. International activities, including student exchanges and academic symposiums, have been conducted between Chungbuk National University and Hokkaido University since 2001.

Written by Tyler Tannert