Hina-Ningyo Display

Event | March 03, 2013

Finished Mar 03 2013

Currently on display in the Office of International Affairs as part of the Hina Matsuri are Hina-Ningyo – a set of ornamental dolls representing the Emperor and Empress and musicians in traditional court dress of the Heian Period. Hina-Ningyo are usually displayed until March 3, known as Girl’s Day, in Japan – a day designed to pray for the safety of girls in Japan.

There is a fascinating order to the display, as the dolls are set out according to hierarchical tiers.

1st Tier : Imperial Dolls (内裏雛, Dairibin)-> Emperor and Empress 
2nd Tier : Three court ladies (三人官女, Sanninkanjyo) 
3rd Tier : Five male musicians (五人囃子, Gonin bayashi)
4th Tier : Two ministers (大臣,daijin) ->the Minister of the Right (右大臣, Udaijin) and the Minister of the Left (左大臣, Sadaijin)
5th Tier : Three helpers or Samurai as protectors 
6th, 7th Tier : A variety of miniature furniture, tools, carriages, etc.

Be sure to take a closer look whilst the dolls are displayed until March 3!