GI-CoRE Special Seminar: Proton Therapy Model-Based Approach

Event | November 15, 2017

Finished Nov 15 2017

The Global Station for Quantum Medical Science and Engineering (GSQ) at the Global Institution for Collaborative Research and Education (GI-CoRE) has announced an upcoming special seminar, welcoming Prof Johannes A. Langendijk from the Comprehensive Cancer Centre, University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) in the Netherlands.

Prof Langendijk will give a talk on a “model-based approach” in proton therapy, based on differences in NTCP. In the Netherlands, due to significant efforts made by Prof Langendijk and his team, proton therapy will start to be covered by insurance beginning from this autumn in cases where a more than 5 percent gap is anticipated in Grade 3 toxicity between proton and radiation therapy.

This is a truly unique opportunity to hear discussion on cutting-edge personalised radiation oncology based on real world data.

■ Title
Evidence-based Selection for and Validation of Proton Therapy: the Model-based Approach

■ Date and Time

Wednesday 15 November 2017, 18.00-19.00

■ Venue

Special Conference Rm., Faculty of Medicine, Hokkaido University

■ Speaker

Prof Johannes A. Langendijk, University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG)

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■ Admission

Free, and no advanced registration is required

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