Hideyoshi Harashima receives the Høst-Madsen Medal

University News | June 25, 2021

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (Fédération Internationale Pharmaceutique, FIP) is a Netherlands-based global federation that has gathered pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists around the world since 1912. Professor Hideyoshi Harashima of Hokkaido University is the latest awardee of the Høst-Madsen Medal, the highest scientific honour awarded by the FIP. This is the second recognition he has received from the FIP; he was bestowed with the Distinguished Scientist Award in 2010.

Professor Hideyoshi Harashima

“I noticed many famous names in the list of the Høst-Madsen Medal’s recipients that I have seen in papers and textbooks. As a pharmaceutical scientist, I have long been interested in meeting those people. Being awarded this prestigious medal is an unexpected honour for me, since it represents the highest award of FIP in the sciences. This Medal will encourage me to pursue new challenges in science,” said Harashima.

Harashima’s fields of expertise range from nanomedicine to drug delivery. He is the head of the Laboratory for Molecular Design of Pharmaceutics, which he established in 1999 at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Hokkaido University. In 2009, he established a second laboratory, the Laboratory of Innovative Nanomedicine, in the same faculty. 

Harashima added, “I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Professor Tsuneji Nagai who instilled the ‘never giving up’ spirit in me, Professor Patrick Couvreur who encouraged me continuously, and Professor Yuichi Sugiyama who trained me as a pharmaceutical scientist. I also wish to thank the young faculty members in our laboratory: Associate Professor Yuma Yamada, Assistant Professor Takashi Nakamura, Assistant Professor Yusuke Sato, and all the students in my laboratories for their endless cooperation and dedication to their work.”

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Written by Aprilia Agatha Gunawan