Hitachi Hokudai Lab & Hokkaido University Programming Contest 2022 “Future autonomous distributed city development”

Event | December 23, 2022

Finished Dec 23 2022 ~ Mar 03 2023

Hitachi Hokudai Lab & Hokkaido University Programming Contest 2022 “Future autonomous distributed city development”

Accelerating research and development of spatio-temporal optimization technology to ensure sustainability of rural communities by opening problematization of real problems

Hitachi Ltd. and Hitachi Hokudai lab. which was established on the Hokkaido University campus will hold a marathon-type programming contest “Hitachi Hokudai lab. & Hokkaido University Contest 2022” collaborated with Hitachi Ltd. and Hokkaido University.


Hitachi Hokkaido Lab. and Hokkaido University are collaborating to solve social issues in Hokkaido, such as depopulation, declining birthrates, and aging populations, and to promote joint research that will lead to the creation of local communities. As the number of farm households declines due to the depopulation and aging, domestic food self-sufficiency is on a downward trend. In order to ensure a stable food supply without relying on imports from overseas, the challenge is to improve the efficiency of farming and create an environment that facilitates entry into farming. It is expected to improve agricultural efficiency through the introduction of smart agricultural machinery using robot technology and ICT to solve this issue, however, the high introduction costs are a concern. Therefore, it will be important in the future to promote services that minimize initial investment as much as possible and maximize equipment utilization by leasing or sharing farm machinery.

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Period for submission

December 23, 2022 – January 22, 2023 (Problem A, B)


Hitachi Hokudai Lab, Center for Exploratory Research, Hitachi, Ltd.

Hokkaido University


Kansai University

Participant Eligibility

The programming contest is open to everybody, regardless of age, nationality, or gender. Everyone, who is interested in participating in the contest, is warmly invited to join through the following websites:

Contact Person

Tamiki Komatsuzaki

Molecule & Life Nonlinear Sciences Laboratory

Research Center of Mathematics for Social Creativity

Research Institute for Electronic Science (RIES)