“Hokkaido Summer Institute 2017” website is now OPEN

University News | December 22, 2016

The Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) was launched in the summer of 2016 to bring the university’s faculty members and world-leading researchers from overseas together to provide students with a special learning experience. More than 910 students, including about 190 from overseas, participated in 71courses that covered a variety of disciplines ranging from biomedicine to art. To further enhance the intellectual experiences of the students, the Hokkaido University’s organizing team is now expanding the program to consist of around 100 courses and is inviting more than 140 researchers from around the world.

In 2017, the HSI will offer courses from May 29th to September 1st, and accepts online applications between February 1st and February 28th.

Find more details on the website:


HSI website image

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