Hokkaido Summer Institute 2019 starts

University News | June 03, 2019

Hokkaido University established the Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) in 2016. The HSI is a program that brings together world-leading researchers with proven educational and research records from all around the globe to Hokkaido, and provides educational courses in cooperation with the university’s faculty members.

This summer, the HSI is offering 138 courses from June to October and allows more than 400 students from overseas universities and more than 1,000 Hokkaido University students to expand their knowledge of subjects the university specializes in.

On June 3rd, the first three courses of HSI 2019 titled “Building Structures and Seismic Resistant Technology,” “Advanced Marine Biotechnology and Microbiology I: Bioinformatics for Marine Life Science,” and “Introduction to PARE I: Populations-Activities-Resources-Environments Chain” will kick off the summer. Other courses focus on subjects in the humanities, social sciences, sciences, engineering, agriculture and more, each including a unique component, such as hands-on training or field work.

Visit the HSI 2019 website for more information. Hokkaido University students still have a chance to take an HSI course if they register in advance!

Website: https://hokkaidosummerinstitute.oia.hokudai.ac.jp/  

Facebook: @hokkaidosummerinstitute

Twitter: @Hokkaido_SI