Hokkaido University Campus Guidebook is published

University News | June 01, 2021

Hokkaido University’s scenic grounds offer more than just visual beauty. The buildings and the natural sceneries are imbued with historical backgrounds that always attract campus visitors. CoSTEP (Communication in Science & Technology Education & Research Program), the Public Relations Division, and Co-op of Hokkaido University compiled a volume of every enticing information on the university’s nature and structures accompanied by full-colored maps and photos.

Source: いいね! Hokudai Facebook page.

Published by Hokkaido University Press, this book is the result of collaborative project with CoSTEP and Public Relations Division to commemorate the publisher’s 50th anniversary in 2020. It was conceptualized in 2017 after the increasing activity and popularity of Like! Hokudai (いいね! Hokudai in Japanese), the Facebook page managed by CoSTEP. Other than reporting the academic and research activities, the Facebook page also frequently posts images depicting the beauty of the campus. The production of this book involves faculty members and students, photography club, alumni, and museum volunteers, reflecting Hokkaido University’s inclusivity and rich network.

The book is written in Japanese language, but the photos are for everyone to enjoy. It is now available for purchase in general and online bookstores across Japan, including five bookstores in Hokkaido University: Hokkaido University CO-OP next to Clark Memorial, Hokkaido University North Campus Co-op, Elm Shop in Information Center, Hokkaido University Museum Shop Potolo, and Hokkaido University Hakodate Campus Co-op. Availability may vary depending on the stores’ business hours.

Book information:

Source: いいね! Hokudai Facebook page.

Title                           : 北大キャンパスガイド (Hokkaido University Campus Guide)

Author                      : Hokkaido University CoSTEP (Communication in Science & Technology

                                     Education & Research Program),

                                     Hokkaido University’s Public Relations Division, and

                                     Hokkaido University Co-op

Publisher                 : Hokkaido University Press

Language                 : Japanese

Publication date     : March 25, 2021

Format                     : 127 x 188 mm, 136 pages, full color

ISBN                         : 978-4-8329-1410-0

Price                         : 1,800 JPY + tax

いいね! Hokudai Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Like.Hokudai

Written by Public Relations Division