Hokkaido University holds official Entrance Ceremony

University News | April 05, 2019

The official Entrance Ceremony for Hokkaido University’s 2023 class of first year undergraduate students was held on April 4th, 2019, at the Sapporo Convention Center. Most of the new 2,564 freshmen and their families were in attendance.

Hokkaido University Executive Vice President Masanori Kasahara giving a welcome speech.

The ceremony started with music performed by the Hokkaido University Orchestra. During the ceremony, students listened to a welcome speech delivered by University Executive Vice President Masanori Kasahara, given on behalf of University President Toyoharu Nawa. 

In the speech, Kasahara welcomed the new students by offering his congratulations on their acceptance. He also encouraged students to make the best of their time at Hokkaido University by becoming forward-thinking and internationally minded in order to tackle the problems society will face in the future. In response to the welcome speech, student representative Takahiro Azuma took an oath on behalf of the class in front of the Executive Vice President, promising that he and his peers would work hard to use the experiences gained at Hokkaido University for the future benefit of society. 

Following the speech, presentations about student life, academics, and alumni perspectives were then given by Professor Noboru Noguchi and Executive Vice-President Ko Hasegawa. The guests, board members, and department heads were also introduced to the students. Finally, the ceremony finished with a performance from the Keiteki Dormitory student choir. 

Student Representative Takahiro Azuma (left) delivering a student oath on behalf of the class to Executive Vice President Masanori Kasahara (right).

The official ceremony started at 10:00 A.M., but students and their families began gathering outside the convention center nearly an hour before, where they had the opportunity pose for pictures with local TV character “On-chan”, the mascot of the Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Network, who is also recognized as a Hokkaido University student. Upon entering the building, the freshmen were greeted by a team of Hokkaido University staff, who distributed university bags and programs to each entering student.

Students receiving a program and a university bag at the entrance.


Local TV character “On-chan” wearing a Hokkaido University student ID.

After the ceremony, students and families were able to take photos at specially established booths. First semester classes began on April 5th.