Hokkaido University Ranks within Top 100 Universities Worldwide

University News | May 16, 2018

Official rankings awarded by the Nature Index.

Results from the Nature Index, a database that tracks contributions to articles published in a group of highly selective science journals, rank Hokkaido University as the Top 100 academic institution in the world, and the Top 8 in Japan this year. The Top Global and Top Japan spot were awarded to Harvard University (Massachusetts, USA) and the University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan), respectively.

Rankings were calculated based on a “weighted fractional count,” or “WFC” score, which assigns tallies to each institution based on the number of contributing researchers from an institution to the published paper. The database also collects data on the total number of articles published by each institution during the recorded year; for the year March 2017 – February 2018, the Nature Index totaled 223 articles published exclusively by or in collaboration with Hokkaido University researchers in the eligible journals. The database is compiled by Nature Publishing Group (NPG) and the journals are selected for consideration by two panels of scientists representing the physical and life sciences, and include globally recognized publications such as Science, Nature, and various nationally sponsored research journals.    

Visit the Nature Index website for more information.

Nature Index 

Nature Index – Hokkaido University

Written by Tyler Tannert