Hult Prize @ Hokkaido University 2020/2021 workshop series

University News | November 09, 2020

Hult Prize @ Hokkaido University fourth workshop participants (Photo: Hult Prize @ Hokkaido University).

Often dubbed as the Nobel Prize for students, The Hult Prize is the world’s largest student entrepreneurship competition that takes place annually, organized by The Hult Prize Foundation. The on-campus program of Hult Prize @ Hokkaido University has been around since 2015 and has produced critical thinkers whose innovations are thriving to solve global sustainability issues.

The 2020/2021 on-campus competition organizers just recently carried on a series of workshops targeting prospective competitors that might help them in polishing their ideas, properly presenting their concepts, and even forming a team to compete. Through October 16-31, 2020, four activities were held at four different locations. In response to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the organizing team has been extremely careful with the precautions and necessary kits (masks, hand sanitizers, etc) to conduct safe events, considering how three workshops are held outside the campus.

Hult Prize @ Hokkaido University second workshop, one-day sustainability lifestyle camp at Hakkenzan.

“Most of our events are held outside the campus premise as a way to support the local entrepreneurs. By taking the health safety measures against the spread of Coronavirus, we are ensuring the participants that the events are safe to attend,” stated Sangeetha Ratnayake, the campus director of Hult Prize @ Hokkaido University.

The participants had the opportunity to discuss the issue of sustainability and the competition itself. Past competitors, local entrepreneurs, and other professionals in business were invited to share their experiences. The guest speakers gave insightful suggestions in the form of tips and tricks on how to develop business ideas, how to perform a successful pitch, and teamwork.

Hult Prize @ Hokkaido University third workshop, how to make a Hult Prize video pitch.

Gabil Aliyev, whose 2Gaijin team won the 2019/2020 on-campus competition, stressed on some of important elements in creating a start-up derived from an existing problem.

“Come up with a prototype and that does not have to be perfect at the initial stage as long as you have a good team; even when you have a good prototype, a bad team will make everything fall apart. The good thing about Hult Prize is that the main issue has been decided for you. The competitors do not need to come up with a problem, just propose a solution,” said Aliyev in his presentation on how to make a good pitch video.

This year’s Hult Prize takes on “Food for Good: Transforming food into a vehicle for change” as the theme. Students around the globe are challenged to conceive sustainable ways to improve food production, distribution, and consumption while adhering to SDGs.

Learn more about Hult Prize @ Hokkaido University here.

Written by Aprilia Agatha Gunawan