International Volunteer Staff for World Festival 2013 in Ishikari required

未分類 | September 30, 2013

International Volunteer Staffs for World Festival 2013 in Ishikari needed!

NPO Ishikari International Association holds “World Festival” every year to promote cultural exchange and to deepen international understanding between Ishikari citizens and people from abroad. The theme of this year is -Ishikari becomes “the world”.

We aim to promote international exchange for everyone to learn from various people and other cultures of the world.  We are seeking International Volunteer staff for the festival.

Steps to apply:
1. Please e-mail us with the subject: World Festival 2013. Please include your name and country.

2. Wait for a reply from us

3. Please return the application form by e-mail


Anyone who is from a country other than Japan


Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Tasks on the day:
・Please introduce your culture (such as music traditional games, tea & sweets, clothes, etc.) in a special booth representing your country.
・You can also experience Japanese culture such as tea ceremony, trying on kimonos, and Japanese calligraphy.
・You can meet people from various countries and so this is a great opportunity to make friends!

More Information:
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NPO Ishikari International Association
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