Joint Research Paper by Members of the Photon-positron Research Hub, Fusional Research and Dept. of Neurosurgery of HU Hospital is Published in “Stroke”

Research Press Release | October 29, 2013


A joint research paper by the members of Photon-positron Research Hub, Fusional Research (Prof. Tamaki, Prof. Kuge, Prof. Zhao, Associate Prof. Kubo), Department of Neurosurgery of Hokkaido University Hospital (Prof. Houkin, Assistant Prof. Shichinohe), and Department of Neurosurgery, University of Toyama (Prof. Kuroda) is published in the medical journal Stroke (Vol.44, Oct. 2013).

The Innovation project attaches importance toward the education of young researchers. As a part of the project, Hisayasu Saito (MD, student of the doctoral program of Neurological Disorders) presented his research and won the Young Neurosurgeons Award at the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies in Korea this past September.

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