Kicking off the Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) 2017

University News | June 08, 2017

Despite the fact that the Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) was established only a year ago, it has grown to an iconic academic event at Hokkaido University. The HSI brings together the university’s faculty members and world-leading researchers to provide students from around the world with unique learning experiences. This summer, more than 130 researchers worldwide are invited to teach 96 courses covering a wide range of academic disciplines. Over 1,320 undergrad and grad students including 848 students from Hokkaido University and 421 students from overseas are to join the courses from May to September.

On May 29th, the very first course of HSI 2017 titled “Advanced Course on Synthetic Organic Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Sciences” kicked off the summer. The course teaches 17 grad students the recent advances on catalysis development for environmentally benign organic synthesis. Professor Shigeki Matsunaga of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, who organized the course with two other lecturers, says “Our course will discuss the most recent developments in the highly specialized area of pharmaceutical chemistry which are not taught in the regular classes. We will also have a Discussion & Brainstorming session to discuss possible solutions for a given technological challenge. I hope our course will give students the opportunity to rethink what they want to strive for as scientists in the future.”

Professor Shigeki Matsunaga

Professor Shigeki Matsunaga giving a lecture on the first day of the course.

Other courses focus on subjects in the humanities, social sciences, science, engineering, agriculture and more, each with a unique feature such as hands-on training or field work. Visit the HSI 2017 website for more information.