Learn Hokkaido’s History and Disaster Preparation

Event | July 05, 2014

Finished Jul 05 2014

Would you like to join One-Day Bus Trip to learn Hokkaido’s history, and experience virtual disasters to improve your emergency action?

Details (further details in Japanese and English on the PDF)


You will learn about the history of Hokkaido, try traditional handicrafts at the “Historical Village of Hokkaido (Hokkaido Kaitaku no Mura)”, and experience virtual earthquake, storm and such to learn survival skills at the “Sapporo Citizens Disaster Prevention Center”.


and Time:

July 5th (Sat.), 2014 9:00~16:30(The trip will be held even if it rains.)


Historical Village of Hokkaido

(Hokkaido Kaitaku no Mura),

Sapporo Citizens Disaster Prevention Center (Shimin Bousai Center)

Number of Participants:

43 people

(international students and their families)

Participation Fee: Free(including lunch)

Come to International Student Center or send a fax/postcard with the applicant’s (all members’) name, postal code, address, telephone number, nationality, age, name of university, grade and language (Japanese or English).

Applications close on June 26th (Thu.).(First come, first served basis.)

※ All the information of the individuals given for the application will be used only to conduct this event (getting insurance, making the participants’ list and report) and never used for any other purposes.

Application Place:

Sapporo International Student Center, The Management Office of Sapporo International House

TEL (011) 817-3615 FAX (011) 812-6157

5-35, Toyohira 6-6, Toyohira-ku,Sapporo, 062-0906

※Office Hours: Monday ~ Friday 9:00am~6:00pm

Organized By: Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES)