Online, hybrid, blended or on campus – where is the future location to learn? [Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)]

Event | February 02, 2022

Upcoming Feb 02 2022

What succeeds the pandemic-related emergency remote teaching and distance learning? The COVID year has left its mark on higher education. What do we learn from it? Which elements of teaching and learning can remain online and what has to happen on campus again? How can future high-impact teaching be designed efficiently with the help of digital tools? And above all, how can we preserve interpersonal relationships and prevent the loss of a sense of belonging, within technology-rich learning scenarios? These and other questions have been on university teachers’ minds around the world for longer than initially expected. Many teachers have recognised the benefits of digital technology for teaching, while others were soon driven by one main thought: Please let me go back to face-to-face teaching on campus. In addition to feeling restrained relating to personal and spontaneous interactions, a variety of reasons may have led to the latter position.
Teaching quality is not primarily about the teaching tools’ functionality or usability, but rather about to what degree teachers are able to use them appropriately, including activating students’ prior knowledge, eliciting student engagement, providing quality feedback or capturing valuable student feedback in line with the old proverb: a fool with a tool is still a fool. Following common sense, it would be wise to keep the best of both worlds, in addition to expectations by science, politics and society that universities should keep on evolving. In this session, we will discuss some models and principles for high quality university teaching and their consequences for teaching in flexible spaces. Some illustrative examples from Switzerland will also be presented.

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Online, hybrid, blended or on campus – where is the future location to learn?

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February 2, 2022 (Wed.) | 15:30-17:00


Online (Zoom webinar)


Thomas Tribelhorn, MSc/CAS: Head of Educational Development Unit, University of Bern


Faculty members of higher education facilities

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