PFF (Preparing Future Faculty) Workshop 2016 (2nd)

Event | September 05, 2016

Finished Sep 05 2016

In the United States, the guidance on teaching and writing has been widely provided to graduate students, TA (Teaching Assistant) and professionals who aim for becoming university teachers or apply for research positions.

In particular, the program introduced by University of California, Berkeley (UCB) is known for its progressive approach, and now it has been transferred to our university in order to contribute to the internationalization of education.

The current 7th PFF (Preparing Future Faculty) course will be conducted by two teachers from UCB, Linda Von Hoene and Sabrina Soracco.

• We are looking for 30 students (graduate students; international students are also welcome)
• This course is one of the Graduate Common Courses
• The course will be conducted in English.
• Students must be able to attend all 15 lectures during the 5 days of course
• If the number of applicants is high, the participants will be determined by lot
• After course completion, the participants, will be asked to submit a brief report, including their impressions regarding the program
• A certificate of completion will be issued to the graduates of this course
• This course is recognized as one of the trainings required to be employed as a Teaching Fellow (TF)*

*  TF is a system for the purpose of enhancement of undergraduate education as well as to grant the experience in education to doctoral graduate students. Being a TF has a wider range of duties compared to the TA. TF can be a lecturer and do performance evaluation under the management of the faculty member, as well as planning the lesson contents. In addition, the hourly wage is higher than the TA.

In order to be employed as the TF, a candidate must fulfill the following requirements:

(1) Completion of TF workshop

(2) Earn a credit for participating in Graduate Common Course “University teacher training for graduate students” (PFF)

(3) You will need to have been awarded with a certificate of completion for the Graduate Common Course “University teacher training course” in Japanese

How to apply?

Applications will be accepted by e-mail: ctlhokudai[at]

Please put “Apply for PFF2016” as an e-mail title. In the e-mail please write your;

(1) affiliation

(2) school year

(3) name (In English and furigana)

(4) please attach the short essay (check the PFF2016 program for more details) 

The person in charge will contact you later.

Syllabus: PFF2016_2nd_syllabus
Program: PFF2016_2nd_program


(click to get PDF [Japanese])