PhD Lunch Talk – 7/19/2017

Event | July 19, 2017

Finished Jul 19 2017

This seminar is for international researchers (DC, PD), and will be conducted in English.

Come and join I-HoP’s program for international DC and PD researchers, PhD Lunch Talk. We will invite guest speakers from organizations in industry, academia, government, etc. to discuss their careers, life choices, or special topics which may be stimuli for international PhD researchers in Japan. Registration is required because we will provide lunch for all the attendees.

■ Speaker

Mr. Fabio Alves

Warehouse Manager, Costco Wholesale Japan

Fabio P. Alves is General Manger of Costco Wholesale Japan, Sapporo Warehouse, an international retail chain. After Fabio started his Costco career as a stocker in 2002, he discovered that he loved the retail business, and was excited by the opportunities at this rapidly growing retailer. At Costco, he worked his way up to ​General Manager with direct responsibility of complete operations and profitability. He is also responsible for implementing Costco’s mission statement, policies, and procedures.

■ Place

Centennial Hall Conference Room

■ Seminar date

7/19/2017 (Wed) 12:00-13:00

■ Eligibility

Hokkaido University doctoral course students and postdocs whose native language is NOT Japanese

■ Application

6/13-7/17/2017 23:00

■ Max participants


■ How to register

You must be registered in the Hi-System. If you are not yet registered, please do so here. After you are registered in the Hi-System, please apply directly to the event here. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “申し込む/Apply.”  If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within three business days, please contact I-HoP (contact details below).

■ Inquiries

I-HoP: International Human Resource Development Program, Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development, Hokkaido University