PhD Lunch Talk – 9/27/2017

Event | September 27, 2017

Finished Sep 27 2017

This seminar is for international researchers (DC, PD), and will be conducted in English.

Come and join I-HoP’s program for international DC and PD researchers, PhD Lunch Talk. We will invite guest speakers from organizations in industry, academia, government, etc. to discuss their careers, life choices, or special topics which may be stimuli for international PhD researchers in Japan. Registration is required because we will provide lunch for all the attendees.

■ Theme

Japanese Industrial Perspective

■ Speaker

Mr. Satoshi Sugawara

Learning & Talent Development Manager at “the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud services provider.”

I-HoP will invite a Japanese business professional as the guest speaker of the Lunch Talk for the first time. Mr. Satoshi Sugawara has been earning and enhancing his expertise in learning and talent development namely for IT industries for more than two decades, having been engaged with two different U.S. companies and one Indian/Japanese company. He will share with us his career history and observations on the culture integration gap in a multi-cultural corporation. A few key words of his expertise include but not limited to: training services, sales, marketing and planning, hiring, talent development and allocations, electronics commerce, logistics and emerging digital technology, all of which are related to Information Technology.

■ Seminar date

9/27/2017 (Wed) 12:00-13:30

■ Place

Mid-Campus Open Laboratory #1, 1st floor

■ Eligibility

Hokkaido University doctoral course students and postdocs whose native language is NOT Japanese

■ Application deadline

9/25/2017 at 23:00

■ Max participants


■ How to register

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I-HoP: International Human Resource Development Program, Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development, Hokkaido University


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