Photos capture beauty on campus

University News | November 05, 2018

The Hokkaido University Co-op held its 6th annual photo contest earlier this year and have selected the Top 6 photos out of the 54 submissions. The theme of this year’s contest was Hokudai-Hyakkei, meaning the hundred sceneries of Hokkaido University. There will be an exhibition for the winning photos and other submitted photos from the 5th to 30th of November at their Seikyou-Kaikan shop near the Clark Memorial Student Center on Sapporo Campus.

Here are the Top 6 photos (click to enlarge):

Best Photo Award

Title: Alone

Location: Ginkgo Avenue, Sapporo Campus

Photographer: Hitoshi Kimura, School of Engineering

Comment by the photographer: Who could this be? They’re admiring the autumn leaves. I released the shutter while also admiring the scenery.

Student Committee Choice

Title: Tale in the Thicket

Location: Experimental Farm, Sapporo Campus

Photographer: Hikaru Iguchi, School of Agriculture

Comment by the photographer: This spring, I started following and taking pictures of this fox family. I took this picture when they were taking a stroll near their home.

Graduate Student Committee Choice

Title: The best medicine for a Hakodate transfer student

Location: Hakodate Campus

Photographer: Yuta Takashina, School of Fisheries Science

Comment by the photographer: Not only the Sapporo Campus but also the Hakodate Campus has a nice courtyard. How about taking a rest at such a nice place in the Faculty of Fisheries Science?

Hokkaido University faculty and staff photo club choice

Title: Bright, Beautiful Autumn Leaves in Morning

Location: Gingko Avenue, Sapporo Campus

Photographer: Natsuki Yamada, School of Agriculture

Comment by the photographer: This morning when I looked towards the line of Gingko trees, I noticed the beautiful autumn leaves and the fallen golden leaves, spreading out like a carpet.

Faculty and Staff Committee Choice

Title: Faculty of Agriculture at the start of summer

Location: Faculty of Agriculture Building, Sapporo Campus

Photographer: Kozaburo Suzuki, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

Comment by the photographer: Took a shot at the Faculty of Agriculture building in mid-June with a fisheye lens. Found the color of the trees with the blue, sunny sky very beautiful.

Board of Directors Choice

Title: Main Street in the depths of night

Location: Main Street, Sapporo Campus

Photographer: Junki Yamamoto, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Comment by the photographer: I had just started doing photography and thought to myself I wanted to take a cool photo of some nighttime scenery. This photo was taken around 1:00 AM, when there weren’t many people around.