Reminder from Hokkaido Police Headquarters

未分類 | September 30, 2013

Reminder from Hokkaido Prefecture Police Headquarters

The number of crimes involving international students has been increasing.  Students are lured into committing crimes through websites or handouts adverting “Easy and lucrative job”. Please be very wary!

1. Selling a bank account that ends up being used to transfer criminal proceeds. An international student opens a bank account and sells it to someone (the perpetrator).

(This act constitutes a violation of the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds.)

2. Withdrawing money on behalf of a third party that was illegally transferred through Internet banking. An international student withdraws money from an ATM using a cash card given by someone (the perpetrator), and hands it to that person. (This act constitutes computer fraud (accomplice) or theft.)

If you are involved in the crimes above, tempted by the words ‘easy part-time job” or ‘high wage’, it could harm your student life.

Unfortunately, the number of international students involved in this type of criminal behavior is increasing. Please be careful not to get involved!
Please inform your nearest police station if you come across this type of behavior.