Research Award: Graduate School of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering

Research Awards | November 19, 2015


2015 MEXT Merit Award for Excellence in Government-Industry-Academia Collaboration


–Hiroki SHIRATO, Professor, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine / GI-CoRE

–Kikuo UMEGAKI, Professor, Laboratory of Quantum Beam Science and Medical Engineering, Research Group of Applied Quantum Beam Engineering, Division of Quantum Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering / GI-CoRE


August 28, 2015

Research Theme / Background:

The development and dissemination of the Spot-scanning Proton Beam Therapy System using four-dimensional motion tracking

Since 2003, the Merit Award recognizes industries, universities, and public research institutes that have made a significant contribution to the promotion of industry-academia-government collaboration activities. 

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Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration, Hokkaido University

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