Research Awards: Graduate School of Letters

Research Awards | November 25, 2014

48th Hokkaido Shinbun (Newspaper) Literary Award for Poetry

November 11, 2014

Recipient: Casio Abe, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Letters
Research Theme / Background:

Associate Professor Casio Abe teaches Filmology and Cultural Studies of Representation in the Graduate School of Letters. His award-winning work is a collection of poems entitled, Furu Yuki no Muko (published by Shichosha On Demand).

Profiles of the award winners, and selections and criticisms of their works, appeared in the morning edition of the Hokkaido Shimbun on November 11, 2011.

Japanese Links:

Click here for details on『ふる雪のむこう』 (Furu Yuki no Muko) in Japanese at the Graduate School of Letters website Shoko no Mori

(This anthology is printed on demand and so can only be ordered via Amazon.)

阿部嘉昭 准教授が北海道新聞文学賞<詩部門>を受賞!

Contact Information:

Prof. C. Abe