Science Cafe Presents…The Structure of the Universe : A Recipe for Galaxies

Event | May 26, 2013

Finished May 26 2013

Science Cafe Presents…The Structure of the Universe : A Recipe for Galaxies (Science Cafe #69)

Since ancient times, people have been attracted to the beauty and numerous mysteries of the Universe. In the field of Astronomy and Space Science, results from both observations and theory have pooled together to try and understand how the Universe works.

In recent years, the possibility of mysterious presences known only as “dark matter” and “dark energy” have attracted researchers. Neither of these can be “seen” directly by any kind of observation. However, there are many observational results which cannot be explained unless the existence of these entities is assumed.

Today, it is believed that dark energy and dark matter have had a decisive influence on how the structure of the present cosmos has been generated. However, even if scientists are able to guess the mechanism through which the Universe formed, we cannot directly observe the earliest years of the cosmos nor bring it into the laboratory. For this reason, scientists use computer simulations in their research. In this science cafe, we will hear from two astrophysicists who utilize this technique.

Professor Habe studies the formation of the structure in the Universe and Dr. Tasker studies the formation of stars and galaxies.

Come and listen to the story of these two scientists and think about the future of our Universe together?

The Structure of the Universe : A Recipe for Galaxies
Date May 26, 2013
Time 14:00~15:30
Place Kinokuniya Bookshop Kita 5, Nishi 5
Guest Speakers Professor Asao Habe & Dr Elizabeth Tasker
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