Tackling Global Issues vol.1. Soft Matter: Material of the Future

University News | March 23, 2018


The university’s research magazine series named “Tackling Global Issues” was published on March 23, 2018. This magazine series focuses on research contributing to the resolution of global issues such as an aging society, environmental pollution and resource shortages.

This first issue spotlights the research field of soft matter, an interdisciplinary field attracting attention from chemists, physicists, biologists and engineers. We introduce 11 researchers mainly based within the university’s Global Station of Soft Matter. It also includes a roundtable talk by globally prominent experts in soft matter science and 2 contributed articles.

We hope the readers of this magazine will gain insight into how Hokkaido University is striving to solve global issues by promoting joint research that transcends the boundaries of nations and academic fields. Spearheading soft matter research is a mighty challenge, but scientists are striving for goals and innovation in this field.

This magazine is issued as part of the Hokkaido Universal Campus Initiative (HUCI) which has been selected as one of MEXT’s Top Global University Project.

Please have a read and spread the word!

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Soft Matter: Material of the Future



Global Relations Office, Hokkaido University