The 11th Golden-Leaf Festival at Ginkgo Avenue (Kon’yousai)

Event | October 29, 2022

Finished Oct 29 2022 ~ Oct 30 2022

The Golden-Leaf Festival (Kon’yousai) is a students-organized event at Hokkaido University, taking place at the famous Ginkgo Avenue of Sapporo Campus during the peak beauty of the golden autumn leaves. The 11th annual festival will take place in the final weekend of October 2022. This event is open for public but on-the-spot registrations are required to enter. Due to the absence of parking lot in the premise, please come by public transportations. Please follow the COVID-19 guidelines if you would like to enter the festival grounds (wear a mask, refrain from entering if you exhibit symptoms).

Visit the official website for more information (in Japanese only).

Date and time:

October 29-30, 2022 (Sat and Sun)


Light-up session will start from 18:00 each day


Ginkgo Avenue, Sapporo Campus

Event’s website: (Japanese only)