The 80th Anniversary of Institute of Low Temperature Science – ceremony and international symposium

University News | January 07, 2022

Since its establishment in 1941 as Hokkaido University’s first research institute, Institute of Low Temperature Science (ILTS) has conducted unique research in various fields based on fundamental low-temperature science. To celebrate its 80th anniversary, a ceremony and an international symposium were held on November 25, 2021.

Attendees of the ceremony

The ceremony commenced with opening addresses from Director Manabu Fukui of ILTS, President Kiyohiro Houkin of Hokkaido University, and Professor Emeritus Masaaki Wakatsuchi. Director Takuji Nakamura of National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR) delivered a congratulatory speech. Professor Emeritus Yoshinori Furukawa, the Director of Nakaya Ukichiro Museum of Snow and Ice in Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture, delivered a commemorative lecture titled “Ukichiro Nakaya and the Institute of Low Temperature Science” on the achievements of Ukichiro Nakaya, who was a major figure in the establishment and development of the ILTS, and the history of the Institute. Ukichiro Nakaya’s daughter, Fujiko Nakaya, a well-known fog sculptor and video artist, was also present as a guest of honor.

Director Manabu Fukui of ILTS delivering opening address

President Kiyohiro Houkin delivering opening address

Prof. Emeritus Masaaki Wakatsuchi delivering opening address

Director Takuji Nakamura of NIPR during his congratulatory speech

Prof. Emeritus Yoshinori Furukawa presenting the lecture

The ceremony was followed by an international symposium discussing the latest research and prospects in the fields of cryosphere and low temperature sciences. The symposium started with a keynote lecture by Professor Wilhelm Hagen of the University of Bremen (online), followed by lectures from four world-renowned researchers (online) and four ILTS researchers representing various fields.

“This anniversary serves as an opportunity in continuing to pursue research and education with a renewed spirit,” said Director Fukui.

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Translated by Aprilia Agatha Gunawan

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