Transferable Skills Seminar – PhD Career in the EU/Japan

Event | September 08, 2017

Finished Sep 08 2017

This transferable skills seminar is targeted for researchers (MC, DC, PD). The seminar will be conducted in English.

I-HoP will invite three distinguished guests to address three possible career directions for the international researchers:

  1. Industrial Career in Japan by Active Connector – A job fair will be organized as well.
  2. Academic Career in Japan by an international researcher from a Japanese research institution. The speaker will share his career story, information on the JSPS grant application and life as a postdoc researcher in Japan.
  3. Academic Career in the EU by Euraxess, a comprehensive academic career database which contains a wide variety of global academic positions. The lecturer, an EU representative in Japan, will briefly address the Horizon 2020 grant application as well.

■ Seminar Overview

  • Introduction
  • Session #1: 14:00  Industry Careers
    – “Job matching in Japan for foreigners with advanced degrees” by Active Connector
    – Q&A
  • Session #2: 15:00  Academic Careers in Japan
    – “Active postdoc life in Japan” by Post-Doctoral Researcher, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
    – Q&A
  • Session #3: 16:00  Academic Careers in EU
    – “International Academic Career Search” by EURAXESS
    – Q&A
  • Breakout Sessions:  17:00
  • Closing Remarks

It’s OK to attend one/two sessions of your interest.

■ Lecturers

Ms. Keiko Ono, Active Connector

“Active Connector is aimed at serving as the bridge between bright,

active international talents and Japanese companies aspiring to be global.”

Keiko Ono is a graduate from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) with an established track record of public speaking, marketing, and communications around foreign policy, education, and cultural relations with particular expertise in the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to joining Active Connector, she worked with the British Embassy in Tokyo in Trade and Defence as well as with various nonprofit organizations in Zambia, US, and UK.

Dr. Mohamed Belmoubarik, Ph.D. Electronic Engineering & Material Science (Oxide materials; Magnetic materials; Spintronics devices)

Post-Doctoral Researcher @ the Research Center for Magnetic and Spintronic Materials, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Tsukuba, Japan

“I took my bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. degrees from the Department of Electronic Engineering and Materials Science at Tohoku University, Sendai. With intermediate experience as a hardware engineer at NEC Group before my Ph.D. thesis, I’m now working in Tsukuba at the National Institute for Materials science (NIMS) as a postdoctoral researcher (member of the ImPACT project, Sahashi Program) in the boundary between academia (Applied Physics) and industry (Memory Manufacturers).” 

-Dr. Mohamed Belmoubarik

Dr. Matthieu PyEURAXESS Japan

Dr. Matthieu PY’s background is in materials science and he is a specialist in physical/chemical material characterization. He has experience as a researcher and was involved in the development of new international collaborations with overseas laboratories and private institutions both in Europe (France) and in Japan. He assumed the position of Coordinator of the EURAXESS activities in Japan in August 2014. As a specialist of European (including EU) and Japanese funding schemes and as an expert of research and innovation ecosystems, he promotes research cooperation and researcher mobility between Europe and Japan. His actions focus on providing tailored information to researchers and research administrators through web-based platforms and through individual consultation; setting up information sharing and networking platform events; and managing a community of researchers and research-related personnel of more than 2,600 members.

■ Seminar date

9/8/2017 14:00-18:00

■ Place

Mid-Campus Open Laboratory Building#1, 1st floor

South-East corner of Main Street & Gingko Avenue

■ Eligibility

Hokkaido University graduate students and postdocs 

■ Application deadline

9/7/2017 at 23:00

■ Max participants


■ How to register

You must be registered in the Hi-System. If you are not, please register here. Click on the Transferable Skills Seminar, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “申し込む/Apply” to register.

If you do not receive confirmation e-mail within three business days after registering, please contact I-HoP.

​■ Inquiries

Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development, International Human Resource Development Program ( I-HoP ), Hokkaido University