Transferable Skills Seminar – Self Management Essentials

Event | September 14, 2018

Finished Sep 14 2018

This transferable skills seminar is targeted for young researchers. The seminar will be conducted in English.

Better communication with others, stress and time management; how are the top management of world leading companies earning these basic management skills? I-HoP is proud to invite Dale Carnegie Training to Sapporo again. The book How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie published in 1936 is still one of the most popular books among people seeking personal development. Dale Carnegie Training has been providing management training programs for Fortune 500 companies and world major corporations for more than 100 years. Out of their wide variety of courses, I-HoP has asked them to formulate the following essential skills into a one day course that must be useful for PhD students and postdoc researchers.

  1. Listening Skills to Boost Communication
    How often have we been thinking about what we want to say while the other person is busy talking to us? We think we are listening to them, but actually we are concentrating on ourselves. The consequence of this is that we miss information and more importantly, the subtle nuances behind what is being said. Listening should be a natural skill, but these days most people are listening at the lowest levels of comprehension. This Module will lift your ability to understand others and to be understood by others.
  2. Managing Stress
    We know that stress kills — there is plenty of medical evidence for this. Our ability to handle stress though is not well developed. The result is we keep going with the stress and we are putting ourselves at risk unnecessarily. The likelihood of our lives becoming less stressful in the future is about zero. So we need to learn the skills of self-managing our stress so we don’t need drugs, alcohol, etc. This Module will provide you with practical steps to manage and reduce your stress.
  3. Time Management
    We have become super poor in one vital area of our modern lives and that is “time poor.” We are all so busy today. We even carry our gateways to the internet and social media around with us 24 hours a day. Ironically, we have all the modern time saving technology at our fingertips, but we are still time poor. Time is life and time is money, so we must master how we use our time. This Module teaches you how to get control and keep control of your time, so that you have time to work on your highest priority items.

Mr. Gary Smith, Dale Carnegie Training Japan

Conference Hall, Room #1

Seminar date
9/14/2018 (Fri) 10:00-18:00

Hokkaido University students, postdocs and faculty members who are comfortable with workshops in English

Application deadline
9/13/2018 at 12:00

Max participants

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