Japanese Language Courses

Information for Japanese Language Courses, Summer 2018

Hokkaido University Center for International Education and Research has announced its Introductory Japanese Language Course (Grammar and Communication) for the summer quarter class, 2018.

Introductory Japanese Course (Grammar and Communication)
Quarter Dates Monday, Jun 11th, 2018 ~ Tuesday, August 7th, 2018  (except Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays).
Timetable Please refer to the Course Guide First Semester 2018 .
Classroom Location Most classes will be taught at the Center for International Education and Research, with some classes in one other building on campus. Locations TBA.
Class Times

Period 1  08:45-10:15
Period 2  10:30-12:00
Period 3  13:00-14:30


The introductory level classes are open to overseas  students enrolled at Hokkaido University with a student visa (research students or “kenkyusei”, graduate students, special auditors, and special research students), and overseas teaching and research staff. Please be reminded that auditors, credited auditors, and Bachelor’s degree program students are not eligible to register.

Applications and Placement Test period

Apply online here and take the online placement test between 3 PM, Monday, May 28th  through 3 PM, Monday, Jun  4th 2018. [Japan Standard Time]

You will be informed about the exam procedures via e-mail after making the online application.

All application (new and continuing) must complete an online application.

Individuals who did not apply during the application period will not be able to take Japanese courses. Please make sure to apply during the appropriate period.

Placement Test

New Applicants:

All new applicants must take a placement test with the exception of  the following applicants.

– If you apply ONLY for “Introductory Japanese Grammar 1” (and “Introductory Japanese Communication 1“).

Continuing Applicants:

Continuing applicants must select either one of the following options.

A) Taking a placement test

→ Your classes will be decided based on the test scores.

B) Not taking a placement test

→ You will be automatically assigned to the next level classes.

For A), accourding to the results of the placement test, there are cases in which students may remain in the level they have already finished or they may be placed in a higher or lower level than the one they have applied for.

For B), your classes will be decided on the basis of the previous semester’s level and will be adjusted according to the number of students.

In either case, there is no guarantee that you will get into the course that you desire.

For more information on the course and application procedures, please refer to the “Japanese Language Course Guide“.

Have further questions? See if it’s on our Contact Form.

Updated on   May 14, 2018