Strategies for Internationalization

Activities : Four Major Activities to Promote Internationalization

1. Reinforcement of Exchanges with Universities Worldwide

Hokkaido University has some 291 partners throughout the world, (including Departmental Exchange Agreements)  with a very wide scope of exchange opportunities for faculty members and students. 

We have, at the same time, been actively holding university-wide bilateral symposiums with our partner universities, to strengthen cooperative activities with a limited number of these partners. For up to date information on our exchange partners, please visit the following link.

2. Increase in the Number of International Students

Currently, we are recruiting in many diverse regions of the world from Europe to South America, to Africa as well as Asia and Australasia. For up to date information on student numbers, please visit the following link.

3. Strengthening International Public Relations and Overseas Networks

We have published and widely distributed the Hokkaido University International Student Prospectus, pamphlets in a diverse range of languages,  handbooks, as well as other informative brochures, including our latest one featuring all our English Language Degree programs. The annually-published English and Chinese Hokkaido University Magazine also introduces our most recent activities in an easy-to-understand stylish format. For a full list of our Publications, please visit the following link.

Additionally, since April 2006, we have opened four overseas offices to provide more information and services to international researchers and students, as well as to support former international students in alumni association related activities. For more information on our Overseas branches, please visit the following link.

4. Broadening our Curriculum

We are currently in the process of creating more opportunities via curriculum and courses for both International Students and Japanese Students at both an Undergraduate and Graduate Level. From 2014, we are introducing an entirely new program titled the ‘Modern Japanese Studies Program. ‘We are also creating the ‘Nitobe College’ for talented Japanese students at undergraduate level which will have a compulsory study abroad component built in.

For more information on our strategies – you can take a look at the document Mid-Term Goals and Plans 2010-2016, right here.

Updated on   April 26, 2017