Letters from HUAP

Dr. Dzung Viet Le

Vice Rector for International Research Affairs and Quality Management, Can Tho University, Appointed as a Hokkaido University Ambassador in July 2019

When I received an email from So Kawanobe, Director of Institute for International Collaboration of Hokkaido University informing that I had been nominated as an HU Ambassador, at first I was surprised and was a little nervous. It is perhaps due to people’s strong impression on the word “Ambassador”, because of the great honor and responsibility that many are looking forward to. I was very lucky to have studied at Hokkaido University and to have lived in the cozy and friendly environment of Sapporo City. Even before having become an HU Ambassador I always did everything I could for the good name of Hokkaido
University and for the cooperation with Can Tho University (CTU), and Vietnam as well to which I have been attached all my life.

The years at Hokkaido University have left me with many good and warm memories. The professors were always interested in helping me to study and research in the best way. Others in the Faculty of Agriculture, International Student Center, and friends in Sapporo were always keeping warm by saying, “Sapporo samui kedo demo minna kokoro atatakai desu!!” (Sapporo might be cold, but everyone has warm hearts!!)

Agriculture is a well-known and long-standing field of Hokkaido University. I was fortunate
to study here not only for specialized knowledge on rice genetics but also to learn how to live and work. Thanks to that, my personality has been formed as it is today.

Since completing my studies and returning to Vietnam, I always think about Hokkaido University, Sapporo City, Hokkaido, and Japan. Whenever I read an article or watch a TV program about Japan, my soul seems to settle down. From then on, I tell myself that I would do my best to bring the two countries together for deeper understanding. Besides my main job at CTU, I also have other responsibilities as the President of the Vietnam – Japan Friendship Association of Can Tho City and Vice President of the Vietnam – Japan Alumni Association (VAJA) over the past 15 years.

Since assuming the position of CTU’s Vice President in charge of the international cooperation, my connection role is even stronger. The number of delegations from Japan to CTU increased markedly hundreds of visitors every year. In response, I also send many delegations to Hokkaido University and Japan every year aiming to find out a chance for further mutual collaborations.

In 1993 I was the only Vietnamese international student studying at Hokkaido University , but when my whole family returned to visit the University in 2018, I was very pleased to hear
that the number of Vietnamese students studying at Hokkaido University was quickly increasing. CTU alone also has a marked increase in the number of students studying at Hokkaido University in recent years.

The coronavirus pandemic is disturbing the whole world. Like other parts of the world, CTU has moved its teaching, meeting, etc. activities to online platforms. It was also quite difficult at first because of the sudden change of teaching and working ways. Online has made it possible for people who are geographically distant to become side-by-side on a screen. In fact, within the framework of the JICA-CTU project of which Hokkaido University is one of nine partner universities, Hokkaido University professors are now teaching online master’s students studying at CTU majoring in agriculture, fisheries, and environment.

For all current students and alumni of Hokkaido University, I hope you will study and contribute your best for the sake of Hokkaido University.





私は、CTU での本業のほかに、過去15年間、カントー市のベトナム・日本友好協会の会長、ベトナム・日本同窓会(VAJA)の副会長を務めてきました。CTU では、機会があれば協力を呼びかけ、日本政府やベトナム政府などの奨学金制度を利用して、多くの学生やスタッフを日本に留学させてきました。CTUの国際協力担当の副学長になってからは、その役割はさらに強くなり、日本からCTU への訪問団の数は著しく増加し、毎年何百人もの訪問者があります。それを受けて、私も毎年、北大と日本に多くの代表団を送り、さらなる相互協力の機会を探っています。

1993年に北大で学んでいたベトナム人留学生は私だけでしたが、2018年に北大を訪れた際に、北大で学ぶベトナム人学生の数が急速に増えていると聞き、とても嬉しく思いました。CTUだけでも、近年、北大で学ぶベトナム人学生の数は著しく増加しています。世界の他の地域と同様に、新型コロナウイルスによってCTUもその教育、会議などの活動をオンラインに移行しました。教え方や仕事の仕方が突然変わったので最初はかなり大変でしたが、オンライン化によって、地理的に離れた場所にいる人たちが画面上で隣り合わせになることが可能になりました。実際、北大は9つのパートナー大学の1つであるJICACTUプロジェクトの枠組みに入っており、北大の教員がCTU で農学、水産学、環境学の修士課程の学生にオンラインで指導されています。