Letters from HUAP

Dr. Evangeline Cancio Amor

Professor, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of University of the Philippines Dillman, appointed as a Hokkaido University Partner in March 2017

I felt honored to be asked to become a Hokkaido University Partner. I was excited to facilitate and strengthen the connection between Hokkaido University and University of the Philippines Dillman, especially considering the ongoing collaboration between the two universities on the Diwata micro-satellite project.

In the first quarter of this year, the Hokkaido University Liaison Office was established in the University of the Philippines – Diliman, which is the first of its kind. Because renovations are planned in the original location, we proposed to call it the HU Nook until a permanent place is built after the renovations are done. The HU Nook is envisioned to be a place where students interested in knowing more about Hokkaido University can go to and find information they are looking for. It also provides a facility for tele-conferencing between current and future collaborators of Hokkaido University and UP Diliman where they can interact and hold discussions.

The HU Nook is housed inside the Office of International Linkages-Diliman, which is the main office in charge of the relations between students and faculty of UP Diliman and its various partner universities. Hosting the Nook supports the International Linkages-Dillman Office in carrying out its main activities: international student mobility, faculty and REPS (Research, Extension, and Professional Staff) mobility program, joint academic and extramural program, and research, creative and extension work.

Quezon City, where The University of the Philippines-Diliman is located, is the largest city of Metropolitan Manila and the former capital of the Philippines. Sapporo and Quezon City both enjoy a summer season but where Sapporo’s daily mean temperature during the summer is about 22 oC, Quezon City’s is about 33 oC. Another stark difference is that Sapporo experiences four seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter, while Quezon City and the rest of the Philippines experience only the summer and rainy seasons.

I invite you to explore many possibilities and look forward to welcoming you to the University of the Philippines-Diliman, and I am excited to witness productive engagement between our two universities. Mabuhay!

International students at the University of the Philippines Dillman. (Credit: UP Diliman Information Office)

UP Dillman Administration Building. (Credit: UP Diliman Information Office)

Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City, Philippines. (Credit: Communications Coordination Center, Quezon City Local Government)

Hokkaido University Liaison Office Opening Ceremony group photo. (Credit: Office of International Linkages Diliman)





北海道大学ヌークはフィリピン大学ディリマン校の国際リンケージ部門(国際連携事業を担当)オフィスの中にあります。国際リンケージ部門は、学生とディリマン校の教員、また多くのパートナー大学の教員との連携を扱っています。北海道大学ヌークの存在は、学生の留学交流、教員やREPS (Research, Extension, and Professional Staff)の交流、大学間学術共同プログラムの創出など、国際リンケージ部門の様々な活動にとって有益です。