Letters from HUAP

Dr. Rashid Sumaila

Professor, University of British Columbia in Canada, appointed as a Hokkaido University Ambassador in November 2016

It was a pleasant surprise. I felt honored by the offer to be a Hokkaido University Ambassador because I’ve visited Hokkaido University several times in the past to attend the international symposium on sustainability science, and for jointly hosting the Nitobe College short-term overseas education program (NCOEP) at the University of British Columbia with fellow Hokkaido University teachers since 2014.

I love coming to Japan and Hokkaido, in particular, during one of my first visits, Professor Masahide Kaeriyama, decided to drive with me from Hakodate to Sapporo by road. I still remember this beautiful drive  with stops at hatcheries and laboratories that are doing amazing research. For me, it was really great to get the chance to drive such a distance as it allowed me to have a better feel of the country.

I have been receiving a group of 2nd and 3rd year Hokkaido University students and faculty for the NCOEP at the University of British Columbia for 3 years now. I’ve therefore come to know the quality of Hokkaido University’s programs and therefore felt proud to be associated with the university. I really enjoy this and would like to continue because I believe it is a great opportunity for young Japanese students who want to have a globally-oriented career to get a great start at an early stage.

Sapporo, with an average temperature of -4°C in January is actually colder than Vancouver in winter, with an average temperature of +4°C — may be a surprise to many! The food is different even though Vancouver has an amazing collection of sushi restaurants. Finally, both Sapporo and Vancouver are great modern cities.

I think the Hokkaido University Ambassador and Partner program is a clever way of expanding the reach and visibility of the university worldwide. I expect the launching of the Institute for International Collaboration to enhance Hokkaido University’s effort to engage with its communities both domestic and international. You have a fine university and the current path you are charting looks good for the future academic standing of Hokkaido University as a top world university.

( Litterae Populi Spring 2018 )

Nitobe College student participating in the Global Sustainability Course (Professor Sumaila in the middle of the back row).

University of British Columbia Vancouver Campus located at the cape in the west end of the city.

Upper: Bird’s eye view of the University of British Columbia Vancouver Campus, Lower: The Martha Piper Fountain (2012 complete) located in the center of Martha Piper Plaza, which is named in honor of Dr. Piper, UBCs 11th President (1997–2006).