Letters from HUAP

Hokkaido University Ambassador and Partner System begins

In 2014, Hokkaido University launched the Hokkaido Universal Campus Initiative (HUCI), at en-year strategy to transform the university into one capable of contributing to the resolution of global issues. One of the pillars of the reform plans of the HUCI is to enhance the university’s capacity for international public relations. To this end, efforts are being made to expand and enhance the Hokkaido University Community. Fine-tuned handling tailored to the individual situations of countries and regions is required to raise awareness of the university around the world and build a global network. To do so, a unilateral approach from Hokkaido
to overseas countries as well as a system that allows for flexible handling to suit the local situation is indispensable. The Hokkaido University Ambassador and Partner System was thus established in the 2016 academic year.

This system is intended to seek out graduates and people involved in the university who reside overseas and ask them to support and cooperate with the university to expand and enhance the global Hokkaido University community. It also aims to widen the circle of Hokkaido University supporters in other countries and regions by appointing leading supporters as Ambassadors and supporters who actively engage in activities and assist Ambassadors as Partners. It is hoped that Ambassadors will build local networks and develop local internship sites, and that Partners will assist Ambassadors, disseminate information concerning Hokkaido University in local languages via social media, and help with on-site school briefings and other events. They are also expected to assist local students who wish to study at Hokkaido University, Hokkaido University students who wish to study overseas, and visitors from Hokkaido University.

In selecting Ambassadors and Partners, information on candidates is collected with the assistance of organizations involved with University, such as departments/faculties, overseas offices and alumni associations. Recommendations from within the university are also accepted. Eventually, the President of Hokkaido University will appoint Ambassadors and Partners from the selected candidates. Plans are slated to appoint 300 Partners and 30 Ambassadors (10% of Partners) by 2023 so that Partners will be in all countries and regions where Hokkaido University alumni reside.

Around the same time as the launch of the system, three Ambassadors and 30 Partners were appointed in an official ceremony in Seoul, South Korea.

( Litterae Populi [English Version] Spring 2017 )

Group photo taken at the Appointment Ceremony of the Hokkaido University Ambassador and Partner System in South Korea and the Kickoff Ceremony for the Korea Yeonlyeongcho Association of Hokkaido University held in Seoul in April 2016.

Tokoshie no Sachi (Eternal Happiness), the alma mater of Sapporo Agricultural College, was sung at the end of the ceremony. All participants sang together with their arms around each other, creating an enjoyable atmosphere

Badges with the Hokkaido University logo have been created for the Ambassadors and Partners (gold for Ambassadors, silver for Partners). Card cases for Ambassadors have also been prepared. The building where the Hokkaido University office in Seoul is located. Efforts are being made here to develop the university’s community in South Korea.


 北海道大学は、「世界の課題解決に貢献する大学」へと大学改革を行うための改革10年戦略「Hokkaido Universal Campus Initiative (HUCI)」を2014年に開始しましたが、この改革プランの柱のひとつに「国際広報力の強化」を掲げ、北海道大学コミュニティーの拡充と活性化に取り組んでいます。本学の国際的知名度向上や世界的な人的ネットワーク構築を進めていくためには、それぞれの国・地域の実情に沿ったきめ細やかな対応が求められますが、そのためには、北海道の地から海外へと単一方向に働き掛けるだけではなく、現地の状況に応じて機動的に対応できる仕組みの整備が不可欠です。そこで、今年度から新たに「北海道大学アンバサダー・パートナー制度」を発足させました。

 この制度は、海外在住の同窓生や本学関係者の中から協力者を募り、海外における北海道大学コミュニティーの拡充と活性化のために本学への支援と協力をお願いするものです。それぞれの国や地域において、中心となって本学を支援してくださる方を「アンバサダー」に、また、より機動的に活動しつつ、「アンバサダー」の支援もしてくださる方を「パートナー」にそれぞれ委嘱し、世界中に「北大応援団」の輪を広げようという狙いがあります。例えば、「アンバサダー」には、現地における人的ネットワークの構築や現地のインターンシップサイトの開拓などの活動を、「パートナー」には、現地「アンバサダー」の活動支援のほか、SNS を活用した現地言語での本学情報の発信や、現地における大学説明会等のイベント支援のような活動を行っていただくことを想定しています。また、本学に留学を希望する現地学生や現地へ留学を希望する本学学生への支援、本学から現地へ関係者が訪問する際の支援なども役割として期待されます。

 この「アンバサダー・パートナー」の選考に当たっては、各部局や海外オフィス、同窓会等の本学関係機関・組織の協力を得ながら候補者情報を収集するほか、学内からの推薦も受け付け、最終的にはその候補者の中から総長が委嘱します。今後の計画としては、本学の同窓生が居住するほぼ全ての国や地域に「パートナー」を配置するため、2023年までに300 人の「パートナー」と、その1 割に当たる30 人の「アンバサダー」を委嘱することを目標としています。